This afternoon (Friday, June 24) the IUE-CWA Local 201 Stewards Council voted unanimously to recommend REJECTION of the proposed 2011 IUE-CWA-GE tentative agreement. The vote was 37 -0 to REJECT. In addition, all 201 2011 Contract canvassers that were at the Stewards meeting voted ,in a separate vote to unanimously recommend rejection.

The votes were conducted, after the Stewards were given copies of the full Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and it was gone through page by page and discussed. The reasons for the rejection vote were similar to the reasons cited in the Local 201 Executive Policy Board statement and in Report #23 (written by the Business Agent). Both reports are up on line.

Stewards report much anger in the shop over the "tentative" agreement and reported that they are hearing  in various mediums on line, that there is growing rank and file resistance to this package in other locations across the country.We have received information that a couple of other locals are putting it to membership votes without any recommendation and another smaller local's leadership has shifted their vote to now recommending rejection.

The Local 201 Stewards are now armed with the Full Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (the official document) for members to review. This will help in countering the barrage of Company "summary" information and  "spin" they are putting on a very dangerous package for the future of all our locals. This full MOU may be put up on our web site over the weekend.

There is a new Green union leaflet in the shop today from the entire Executive Board. There will be a Summary of the MOU out in next Local 201 Newspaper Tuesday