Local 201 will NOT be officially releasing results of Local 201's vote on this web site until 10PM tonight . There are still IUE-CWA Local's voting in different time zones. When our votes are counted, they will be called into the National Conference Board Office. The National Office shall release the IUE-CWA results on the Workers United Web site sometime after10PM. The results posted will be just the percentage "for" and "against", based on "per capita" (see below) and we shall put them up on our site

The vote is conducted on a per capita basis based on the size of the local. All of the per capita votes of the particular Local go to the "For" or "Against" column based on the majority vote at the Local.  (Example: a Local has 100 members and the Local votes 35 to accept and 34 to reject (and 31 do not vote) - all 100 per capita votes of the Local would go into the Accept column and be reported out as such in the national percentage

 For an actual popular vote (per person) breakdown of the vote (ant that percentage), it will require gathering up what specific locals report of their exact vote from their web sites, newpapers, or through phone calls over the next few days.

 Local 201's per capita is 1,798 for this vote (we have more GE Local 201 members but the per capita does not include people out on temp. ayoff , disability etc). All 1,798 votes go into the "for" or "against" column depending on the tally tonight