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Piecework update August 19, 2014 and August 21, 2014

In two well attended meetings, the local 201 membership in an unofficial tally of secret ballot votes, today voted to accept the agreement hammered out by the local 201 negotiating committee with officials of the General Electric Company by a 90% to 10% margin. 

The Local 201 Election Committee will announce the official results tomorrow August 20, 2014.

The Local 201 Election made the above results official yesterday August 20, 2014.

The Union and Company have meetings planned next week to now deal with a large number or reduction in forces (RIF's) about to be issued in Lynn LMO areas and the 50 new job openings in Plant IV.

It has been reported by Union Relations that there already have been over 80 pieceworkers that have applied and showing interest for October 1, 2014 Retirement and/or Layoff Benefit exits. If this trend continues and materializes, it will certainly help reduce hard lack of works "to the street".

Many job classifications will be involved. There will be a Union / Company Replacement Committee to handle the large number of moves that will occur of the next month. Union reps. will be Board Member Jeff Francis and Business Agent Ric Casilli. The Union has requested the Company post a notice regarding members that may be interested in the Retirement/Layoff Bonus of $18,000 Program, a "direct impacted" (full benefits) SERO opportunity or a "substitute (less benefit" SERO opportunity. It is likely a number of these type opportunities will occur in many job classifications during this period and the Company will be announcing the application process soon.

The Plant IV joint sub-committee (per this agreement) shall begin meeting next week to begin bringing work into Plant IV in Tables 1 and 2 of the agreement. VP Pete Capano and a number of Board members and stewards will be involved in this process.


Piecework update August 18, 2014

In a well attended meeting the piecework group voted by a 93% margin to recommend approval of the tentative agreement. 

The important vote of all GE 201 members (piecework and day workers) is tomorrow August 19, 2014 at the monthly membership meeting. This meeting will be held at St Michaels hall 25 Elmwood St Lynn, Ma. 12.30 and. 3:30. There will be a secret ballot vote held after the presentation of agreement details. 

Local 201 Official Communication August 13, 2014

On Monday, August 11, 2014 the IUE-CWA Local 201 Piecework Bargaining Committee voted to recommend approval to our Local 201 GE Members of the best and final negotiated “package” eliminating the Plant IV Piecework System and transitioning that pay system to the daywork pay system.  The official vote was 7-3 making it now a “tentative” agreement pending a membership ratification vote.  The non-voting members supported the agreement 4-1 meaning 11 out 15 members of the Union Bargaining Committee supported the agreement.  
The IUE-CWA Full Executive Policy Board voted to also recommend approval of the “tentative” agreement by a vote of 12 to 1 on Tuesday, August 12, 2014.  
Business Agent Ric Casilli stated:   “We have very strong recommendation votes to accept this “package” agreement for a number of reasons.  We know what a rejection vote would mean for the plant – numerous immediate layoffs and a plant with little chance to survive into the future. The agreement is also a really good agreement taking into account what our bargaining committee had to deal with - the end of a pay system and the threat of numerous immediate layoffs while having to negotiate in the year before a National Contract.  We got the best compensation we could for our directly impacted members, including decent retirement incentives for them.  This will really help with reducing the chances and numbers of hard layoffs for our dayworkers and sending them to the “street”.  We got jobs and investment commitments for dayworkers and no bumping disruptions on them as a result of the agreement. More importantly it gives the River Works plant a fighting chance to survive in the upcoming years.”  
President Alex Brown remarked:   “We did NOT get everything we wanted.  Our proposal #9 that was rejected by the Company was better and fairer.  It contained provisions for retirement options throughout the plant.  That part was rejected.  However, what we ended up with I am proud of and it took a hard 6 months of negotiating to get there.  Remember – pieceworkers are just former dayworkers; and dayworkers were always potential pieceworkers.  This agreement affects the whole plant.  We are ALL Local 201 GE members right now!!!!  It is critical to attend the meeting next week and vote.”  
Vice-President Pete Capano commented:   “Our plant and its future are in jeopardy.  Any lingering internal squabbles and stereotyping opinions about one area of the plant versus another needs to be put on the shelf. The reality is we need to take a good hard look at what we need to do to shape what the River Works will look like 5 and 10 years from now.  We need to be unified to save the jobs we have now and intensify our focus on bringing more work into the plant for the future.  The only way to have that chance is to stick together and ratify this agreement and then we move on together for the whole River Works plant and National Contract challenges in 2015.”  
All 182 current pieceworkers are invited to attend Local 201 group meetings to hear an explanation of the agreement, ask questions and make comments.  After such, there will be a secret ballot recommendation vote of this directly impacted group.  Those Piecework Group meetings will be held on Monday, August 18, 2014 @ St Michaels Hall on 25 Elmwood Ave., Lynn Ma @ 12:30PM and 3:30PM.  
Our monthly Membership meeting is the next day on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.  The main item on the agenda will be a presentation of the Piecework Tentative Agreement with another question and comment period.  Then there will be a final secret ballot vote of all Local 201 GE bargaining unit members including pieceworkers and dayworkers.  This is the decisive vote as to whether there is an agreement or not.  
Summary of the Retirement and Compensation Parts  of the Tentative Agreement  
That detailed summary was printed in the “green” 2 sided leaflet on July 30, 2014 and distributed to all members. There was one positive benefit omitted and one positive benefit added since that was printed, and all other benefits listed in that communication are in the final tentative agreement.  We have printed a new “yellow” communication, with the omitted and added changes to the Retirement and Compensation parts of the package bolded.  It is being distributed into the shop along with this communication which summarizes other sections of the agreement.

Side two

Summary of the Job Security Parts of the Tentative Agreement
 Company commits to 1 for 1 backfill for natural attrition from Plant IV from the date of execution of this agreement until the expiration of the current national Contract.
 Company agrees to immediately post 50 daywork job openings in Plant IV where there has been a long term “hiring freeze” in effect.
 Company commitment to invest in Lynn Plant IV $3 Million in 2014
 Company commits to invest $6 Million in all Lynn Manufacturing areas in 2015.
 Company commits to invest $6 Million in all Lynn Manufacturing area in 2016.
 Company will modify Samsung agreement from a 50/50 split to a 75/25 split where we will manufacture and assemble 75% (increases hours by about 6,300 hours in 2015 across the whole River Works site).
 Company commits to New Product Introduction (NPI) for blisks, diffuser cases, and disks from now through 2015 (estimated 60,000 hours of new work).
 Company commits to additional NPI work on spools, liners and spool disks for an additional estimated 30,000 hours between now and 2015. This is work currently being completed at other sites and/or outside suppliers.
 Company agrees to a Plant IV Jobs sub-committee with a focus on 18 specific parts listed in the agreement as “Initial Farm-in Opportunities”. Involves numerous operations.
 Company agrees that the sub-committee can also discuss immediately 10 additional specific part numbers listed in the agreement as “Additional Farm-in Opportunities Requiring Process Improvements”. Involves numerous operations.
There are currently 14 piecework classifications with IR rates attached to them. Ten (10) of these piecework rates will go over from the same numerical IR rate to an identical R rate. (Example: IR 19 Lynn PW Turret Lathe will become R19 Auto Lathe.)
Four (4) of the piecework rates will convert to higher daywork rates. IR14 Machine Operator will go to R17 Punch press. IR14 Processor Bench will go to R17 Sheet Metal. IR 17 X-Ray/Chip Removal will go to R23 X- Ray and IR17 Radial Drill will go to R19 Milling.
There was much work that went into this agreement over 6 months of hard bargaining. You never get 100% of what you want but we got much of it. More importantly, we gave our membership a fighting chance to weather the volume drop, increased farm-in & new work and gave our plant the opportunity to compete for work in the upcoming years increasing the odds of the survival of the River Works plant.
Ric Casilli Alex Brown Pete Capano Business Agent President Vice President

Piecework update august 12, 2014

Tuesday August 12, 2014 Piecework Update
Today, the IUE-CWA Local 201 Full Executive Policy Board voted 12- 1 to recommend to our members acceptance of the tentative agreement on the piecework transition to daywork.
Local 201 will be releasing more summary details of the agreement into all GE buildings Wednesday, Thurs and Friday (August 13-15) this week in preparation for meetings and votes next Monday (August 18 and Tuesday, August 19) at St. Mikes’ Hall. Watch for the communications to get full details.

Piecework negotiation update august 11, 2014

(Monday, August 11, 2014 – 3:00PM)
The IUE-CWA Local 201 Piecework Bargaining Committee today (Monday, August 11, 2014) voted officially 7 to 3 to approve the negotiated Company’s best and final offer in the piecework negotiations, making it now a “tentative agreement”  between the Company and IUE-CWA Local 201.
The majority of the Bargaining Committee strongly felt this agreement was in the best interests of not only pieceworkers; but in the best interest of our entire IUE-CWA Local 201 GE membership.
The non-voting members of the bargaining committee were also in support of the agreement 4-1. Eleven (11) out of the fifteen (15) of the union’s committee involved in the negotiations were in support of the agreement.
The 201 Bargaining Committee vote now means it will go the Local 201 Full Executive Board for a recommendation vote on Tuesday, August 12 and then to a recommendation vote of the 180 pieceworkers on Monday, August 18. The Pieceworkers secret ballot vote will be held at meetings 12:30PM and 3:30PM at St. Michaels Hall on Elmwood Ave. in Lynn.  The vote will occur immediately following a presentation on the “Tentative agreement” and question and answer period. This vote is only a “recommendation” vote of the immediately impacted group of pieceworkers.
Pieceworkers still need to vote again at the Tuesday, August 19 Membership meetings. This is the final and decisive vote of all GE Local 201 Members and will occur at the Tuesday, August 19 at 12:30PM and 3:30 PM regular monthly Local 201 Membership meeting sessions. Following a presentation and comment period – all GE Local 201 members will vote by secret ballot on the “Tentative Agreement”. Votes will be tallied from the 2 sessions to establish the final vote of the Local 201 GE Membership.

Piecework Negotiations Update August 7, 2014

Union Bargaining Committee to Vote Monday, August 11



After 3 bargaining sessions this week, negotiations with GE over transitioning the Plant IV piecework system to a day work system concluded.


On Thursday, August 7, 2014 (today) the Company presented the Union with their last modifications to their proposed offer. The sessions last week focused on the job security provisions of the package and on the new daywork rates/classifications that would be put in place in Plant IV.


The Union pressed hard for investment, farm-in, and hiring commitments in the agreement for Plant IV, whereas there has been a long term hiring freeze and excessive farmout out of Buildings 66 and 32. The Union’s goal was to open up new daywork positions in Plant IV to be able to protect as many of our younger low service day workers as possible in the River Works plant from facing hard layoffs “to the street”. The workload volume in the plant has become increasingly worrisome and the Union was trying to use this agreement to secure as much protection as possible through retirements, farm-in and hiring to protect all our members in the plant. After the last 3 days of bargaining last week, the Union secured important additional commitments in these job security areas and the Company made their final offer in the job security areas.


There was also much discussion and debate over the new daywork classifications being proposed by the Company and there were language changes regarding these rates and classifications. The Union bargaining committee was completely satisfied with the majority of the conversion rates and classifications. The Union questioned a few of them and they are still under review. The Union also secured language that it retains future rights to challenge and grieve any of the new rates and classifications, despite the rate/classification conversions being in the “package.” It also should be noted that the agreement does NOT allow any bumping rights to pieceworkers on dayworkers as a result of the conversion of the piecework rates to daywork rates.


The “red circle” rate to be used for pieceworkers was also clarified in the offer after much debate. This would apply to pieceworkers who do not retire or take the layoff option on October 1, 2014 and stay working and “red circled” through June 30, 2015. Such pieceworkers would be “red-circled” at the higher of (a) their individual piecework rate for the 2013 year, (b) their individual piecework rate for December 2013, (c) total average for the 2013 year or (d) their total average for December 2013. Three percent (3%) will be added to all those rates and each individual would receive the highest rate of those 4 options.


At the end of the bargaining session on Thursday August 7, 2014, the Union understood what the complete full and final offer from the Company was. It was the product of 6 months hard and extremely complicated bargaining. It included the compensation and retirement provisions recently summarized in the “green” detailed leaflet to all our members.


The Union was due to receive in writing some agreed upon “side bar” understandings on Friday, August 8 regarding a few items. Upon having a complete package in writing -the IUE-CWA Local 201 Piecework Bargaining Committee is scheduled to meet Monday August 11, 2014 to take a vote on the “package”. President Alex Brown will chair the meeting. The 10 voting members of the union’s bargaining committee will be BA Ric Casilli, VP Pete Capano, Board Members Mark Workman, Jeff Francis, Skip Brown and Fred Russell, and Witnesses/ Stewards Wayne Murray, Karl Eddy, Mike McDermott, and Pat Ryan. If the Committee votes to recommend the package – it will become atentative agreement”. The 5 non- voting members of the committee will also be informally polled for their opinion – Alex Brown, Ricky Young, Helen Hughes, Tony Pagliuca and Fred Merchant Jr. Further information on any “tentative agreement” and any upcoming meetings and votes would then be released by the Union to our membership throughout next week.


The then “tentative agreement would go to the IUE-CWA Local 201 Policy Board for a recommendation vote on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 and then to a Pieceworkers meeting for a presentation and a secret ballot recommendation vote on Monday, August 18 . It then would be placed in front of the  Tuesday August 19 Membership Meeting monthly for a presentation and secret ballot vote for ALL GE Local 201 bargaining unit members (including pieceworkers) That would be the final and decisive vote. The Pieceworkers meeting and the full Membership meeting will likely be held at St. Mike’s Hall in Lynn.

Piecework update August 4, 2014

The Union released a detailed summary of the status of the Local 201/GE negotiations over the piecework system into the entire River Works plant on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. It is a double sided green legal sized communication that ALL members need to read carefully.
Negotiations resumed on Thursday, July 31 and discussion shifted back to the
Job Security sections of any potential agreement. As has been stated previously many times in union communications over the last 6 months of negotiations, GE’s position has been that the transition of the negotiated GE/LOCAL 201 Piecework System to a daywork system is “critical” for the River Works Plant to have any chance to compete for new future work with the volume drop forecasted in our traditional engine lines in the coming years. GE has pretty much frozen hiring into Plant IV for the last year and increased farm-out while strongly urging the end of the piecework system. Three union proposals to “save “and modify the system were rejected months ago by the Company
Further complicating this negotiation is the recent drops in volume of work through out our entire River Works plant due to sequestration and other factors. As has been reported, the Company is estimating that they may be too “heavy” by 150-200 employees in the entire plant by as early as the 4th quarter of this year. The Union has been faced with a situation of attempting to get the directly impacted pieceworkers adequate compensation for loss of their wages and associated benefits that would come with the elimination of the piecework system. The Union also was able to negotiate retirement opportunities for pieceworkers faced with this cut in their pay and benefits. The retirement incentives will help with cutting down any potential of 150-200 layoffs being issued to our River Works low service members. The Union proposed that we open up similar programs to non-piecework members not directly impacted in pay or benefits by the elimination of piecework. GE refused based on cost and contractual reasons (not “direct impact” being one such reason) and reaffirmed such position last Thursday in negotiations.
The Union is now focused in achieving some language and GE commitment in the agreement on bring in farmed out work into Plant IV, investment commitments and opening up additional jobs in Plant IV for daywork members. The Union has given the Company a number of proposals aimed at trying to prevent forced layoffs of any or our members and they were discussed extensively last Thursday.
In addition, there were discussions on the different piecework classifications rates and what daywork classification and rate they would to convert over to following any agreement. Negotiations resume late afternoon today Monday August 4, 2014.

Piecework Negotiations Update Wednesday July 30, 2014

Local 201 has just released today a detailed information leaflet on the state of the piecework negotiations to all our GE members in the shop. It is being distributed by Board members and/or Stewards during the afternoon of Wednesday July 30th. It is a 2 sided green leaflet. For a variety of reasons, it will not be posted on our web site. There is a Union/Company sub-committee meeting this afternoon in Plant IV to discuss what the transition of the current piecework rates/classifications would be if converted to daywork rates/classifications. The sub-committee will report out to the main negotiations bargaining table on their discussions at the next negotiations session scheduled for Thursday afternoon at 1:30PM. This session will be mainly centered on any rate/classification issues and the important job security sections of any potential agreement.

Local 201 piecework Report Friday July 25, 2014

Local 201 Piecework Negotiations Report 
Friday, July 25, 2014 1:00PM
After about 5 days of Company review, GE rejected Local 201’s Union Proposal #9 at a bargaining 
session on Thursday, July 24. The Union Proposal #9 restructured compensation for pieceworkers in more 
equal fashion, had additional retirement incentives for pieceworkers and contained provisions that 
broadened the pool of people that would be eligible for attractive retirement options. Union proposal #9 
would have been the best for our members and the business as it would have maximized decent 
retirement options thus reducing the need for any hard lacks of works “to the street” for dayworkers, while 
also providing a rational equal and fairer compensation payments for all pieceworkers. 
The Company rejected the proposal based on a number of reasons but the bottom line is they felt the 
proposal came with too high of an expense tag. The Union is extremely disappointed in this decision as the 
Union had spent a good deal of time finding a fair way to restructure previous union proposals and adding 
the proper “ingredients” to the package that would accomplish the 2 main goals of the parties in the 
negotiations – to achieve fair compensation for pieceworkers and maximize retirements to avoid layoffs 
plantwide with the current workload volume crisis we are heading into. Local 201 feels Union Proposal #9 
would have accomplished this for the good of all our members and the good of the business and it was a 
mistake for the Company to reject it totally. 
The Company told the Union bargaining team that the summary points they presented of Company 
Proposal #10 was their best and final offer in regards to compensation and retirement incentive parts 
of any potential agreement. The Union requested the complete language of the Company’s compensation 
part of the package and any language they would agree to in regards to the job security sections of any 
potential agreement. The Company will be providing such hopefully today or on Monday, July 28, 2014. 
The Union would note that despite our disappointment to the rejection of our Proposal #9, Company 
proposal #10 is a dramatic improvement from early Company proposals. Over the course of the last 6 months, 
the Company has slowly increased the amount of compensation for our members in their proposals in 
response to union arguments and proposals and it contains some union proposed features like the “red 
circle”, “piecework buyout” and pension update “look back” within Company Proposal #10. 
The Union bargaining committee has scheduled an internal meeting on Monday, July 28, 2014 to review the 
complete Company “best and final “ offer on the compensation section of any potential agreement and is 
also awaiting to review company responses to recent union proposals in the job security section. The Union 
bargaining committee will NOT make any final decisions on how to proceed until it has a complete 
Company “best and final” package to review. 
We will release the compensation and retirement incentive details of Company Proposal #10 to our members 
when we receive them officially in writing from the Company inserted into the main proposed offer 
document and our bargaining committee has a chance to review them. Such information release to our 
members will likely be next Tuesday, July 29 2014. 
We shall keep you posted as to any developments. 
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