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Post 65 Medicare Supplement Options.

Attention: Regarding POST-65 Medicare Supplement Options for our Union hourly/salaried Retirees
IUE/CWA Local 201 has just been informed of an option for those who are in the process of applying for Medicare Supplemental Insurance through Tower-Watson/One Exchange. We have been inquiring about Blue Cross/ Blue Shields Medicare Supplement Medical plans in Massachusetts because their Medical plans are NOT being offered through One Exchange.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield offers a discount of 15% for the first year, 10% for the second year and 5% for the third year for people that enroll in their plan. We have just been informed by Blue/Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, that any retiree who signs up for their Bronze medical plan, will qualify for a first year discount of 15% for a total monthly cost of 158.00. (The Core plan also qualifies for the discount and would cost 79.00 per month.) The full cost for the Bronze plan without the discount is 186.00 per month. The Bronze plan is similar to other plans being offered through One/ Exchange but significantly less with the 15% discount.  Again, this plan and some other plans are not being offered through One Exchange.
Anyone who is interested in this coverage (or any plans outside of the GE One Exchange) should read the following very carefully. Local 201 is NOT endorsing any plan but wanted retirees to be informed that the option to go outside GE One Exchange is available but under the following stipulations below.
• In order to qualify for the $1000.00 annual GE RRA payment you NEED to be in either the prescription drug plan OR a medical plan through One/Exchange.
• If you want to sign up for the Blue Cross plan described above (or any other Medical plan NOT being offered through One-Exchange) and still qualify for the $1000.00 Retirement Reimbursement Account (RRA) you would need to go through One Exchange to enroll in your prescription drug plan. Alternatively, if you go outside One-Exchange for a Prescription Plan, you would have to enroll in a Medical Plan inside One Exchange to get the $1,000 RRA. If you are enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan (Medical and Prescription together) then you would have to choose a GE One Exchange option to get the $1,000 RRA.
(Note: If interested to sign up for Blue Cross Blue Shield medical mentioned above you need to call 1-800-678-2265, Monday through Friday between 8am to 6pm and tell them you are losing your employer sponsored coverage for Medical effective January 1, 2016 and are interested in their Medical (not prescription plan) only.
All your current GE post-65 Medicare supplement coverages (Medical and Prescription) end effective January 1, 2016. So you should ACT IMMEDIATLEY (by December 31. 2015) to enroll in a Medical Plan and Prescription Plan and enroll in at least one (Medical or Prescription) through the GE One Exchange options to be eligible for the $1,000 Retirement Reimbursement account in 2016. The GE One Exchange number is 1- 855-873-0103.  If you have any questions - call Kevin Mahar-781-598-2760 or 781-367-7822.

8 CBC Unions File Class Action Law Suit.

For release Nov. 9, 2015
Contact: Ginny Bailey (937) 298-9984
Unions File Class Action Lawsuit Over GE’s Plan to Renege on its Retiree Health Care Obligation
Dayton, Ohio -- A coalition of labor unions lead by the IUE-CWA, Industrial Division of the Communication Workers of America, has filed a federal class action lawsuit against General Electric Company in the Northern District of Ohio today. The coalition includes the members of the GE Coordinated Bargaining Committee: the United Electrical Workers, United Auto Workers, Machinists, Steelworkers, Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Teamsters and the Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers.
The coalition of unions and more than twenty individual retirees contend that GE is violating federal labor law and the Employer Retirement Income Security Act by depriving its post-age 65 retirees of important retiree medical coverage, coverage that these individuals worked for over decades and that was promised in their union contracts.
IUE-CWA President James Clark, chair of the coalition stated, “We are outraged that a very profitable General Electric Corporation would choose to break promises to its retirees during the most vulnerable time of their lives, after they gave decades of service to this company. I am glad these retirees have unions that are willing to step up and fight for justice.”
GE has announced that effective January 1, 2016, it will unilaterally terminate its post-65 retiree medical plans and replace them with an opportunity for retirees to purchase post-65 health insurance coverage from a private broker healthcare exchange selected by the company. GE is offering, for now, a $1,000 yearly credit for its retirees to offset some of the cost of replacing this medical coverage that was being provided by the company. Thousands of GE retirees, particularly those on life saving drugs, are facing much higher drug costs as a result of this change, and GE is refusing to commit to supplying the yearly credit throughout the lives of the retirees.
IUE-CWA and the other labor union plaintiffs are confident that the terms of their labor contracts clearly demonstrate intent by all parties that the benefits negotiated with GE are lifetime benefits for GE retirees.
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