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The Company has notified the Union that they have posted 9 primary openings today for upgrade possibilities. If interested , members should make sure they have current active upgrades in for the posted positions. There are also 3 other secondary openings bringing the total to 12.

After completing the internal upgrading requirements, the Company will begin hiring individuals "off the street". The Company has already posted for 12 openings on their website and they are looking for new hires that have a CNC Machining background. The Company is only taking on-line applications through that site for hiring "from the street". 

Members, interested in retiring under some of our contractual programs that get triggered by permanent lack of works by classification, should make sure they have the correct application on file in the GE employment office. Sometimes there are internal lack of works in one classification with hiring in another classification that can trigger these programs. It is always smart to have an active application on file regardless of whether any lack of works are anticipated during a given period - even during hiring periods such as now. 

  • If you are at least age 55 and under age 60 with 25 years of Pension Qualification Service (PQS) - you need to have a Special Early Retirement Option (SERO) application on file. But remember unless you are directly impacted by the reduction, you will not get most of the SERO benefits as a "substitute" and it not a good most situations.
  • If you are under age 55 and have completed at least 30 years of PQS - you need to have a SERO 30 application on file. Again remember, unless you are directly impacted by the reduction, you will not get most of the SERO 30 benefits as a "substitute" and it is not a good deal in most situations.
  • If you are age 60 or older and have at least 15 years of continuous service - you need to have an application in for the $18,000 Special Voluntary Layoff Bonus (SVLB) and/or the $18,000 Special Retirement Bonus (SRB) on file.(The SVLB is triggered by a reduction in force in a classification. The SRB is triggered by reductions due to transfer of work, automation and some other causes.)  There is no loss of benefits whether you take the BONUS as a directly impacted individual or as a "substitute".

It has come to our attention that many members previously put in applications for the SERO/ SERO 30 but now are age 60 or over and so now are not eligible for those programs. If still interested in retirement programs,  one needs to put in applications for the age 60 and over Bonus programs above which they are eligible for. None of these applications have anything to do with the contractual national Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program (VRIP) being offered next March 1, 2016. That will have a special application process and an election period to be announced at a later time.




Local 201 has been informed that former IUE-CWA International President Ed Fire passed away yesterday, after a lengthy battle with COPD. We send our our sincere condolences to his friends and family.

IUE-CWA LOCAL 201 (July 2, 2015)


The Local 201 Election Committee reviewed today their voting tally released last night and have certified the results and voting figures released last night were accurate. So the results posted below as "unofficial" have now been certified as OFFICIAL today (July 1, 2015)  by our Election Committee Chairman Ron LeBlanc. Local 201 has sent in the OFFICIAL results to our National IUE-CWA GE Conference Board.

Thanks to all the hard work and participation of our members and stewards in this tough negotiations. The rallies and solidarity displayed by Local 201 members went a long way in being able to achieve an acceptable package. Have a relaxing  and long July 4th weekend!


GE Workers United Web Site has announced that the 2015-2019 Contract between IUE-CWA and GE has been ratified with a 83.5% national acceptance vote. Local 201 members "unofficially" approved the package with a 90% acceptance vote. There was an 80% voter turnout of Local 201 members. The Local 201 Election Committee, per normal practice, will review and recount Local 201 ballots later today and then announce the final official count. At this time, we have not heard of any IUE-CWA GE Local that rejected the Contract.

The UE International Web Site is reporting that UE also has ratified their National Contract and that all UE GE Locals voted to ratify it.




The IUE-CWA Election Committee released the following “unofficial” results from the secret ballot voting of Local 201 GE members today on the new Tentative Agreement between the IUE-CWA and General Electric. 


The “unofficial” results were as follows


ACCEPT:   1018 (90%)


REJECT:    115 (10%)


It was an 80 % voter turnout of Local 201 GE members that were eligible to vote.


The “unofficial” vote of Local 201 has been called into the IUE-CWA Conference Board National Office.  The Local 201 Election Committee will meet tomorrow morning to review the votes for accuracy and then issue OFFICIAL voting results sometime tomorrow. Those results will then be delivered to the National Conference Board Office.


The IUE-CWA National Vote has not been released yet. Watch for information on that result on GE Workers United Web Site 


The UE has a separate National Agreement vote and was voting today also. You may find information on their votes on the UE International and/or UE Local 506 Websites (Erie).



                    Building 96 Auditorium or Union Hall
All of the unions’ governing bodies have discussed and voted on this proposed agreement. The final and most important vote is by you, the membership of IUE/CWA Local 201. Whether you are for or against this, please make sure you exercise  your right to vote. A democracy works best only when we all participate in the process. 
 Thank You
Peter Capano
President IUE/CWA LOCAL 201

Q and A Contract 2015

SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 2015

Q. How would you characterize the agreement?
A. Overall it is an acceptable agreement considering the economic and political environment, including the reality that GE and competitor Aviation non-union plants exist in numerous locations in the south and overseas. There are some weak points in the agreement and some very strong points. As a whole it will benefit all our members in Lynn going forward

Q. Was it a good “Wage” Package?
A. The wage package was not the strongest but adequate considering the rest of the package. It has 3 ACP Payments totaling $8,000 and just one wage base increase of $.60 cents per hour. However, there are also 4 fixed COLA’s totaling $.80 per hour in base wage increases and a $2,000 lump sum ratification bonus. And there are additional significant wage rate increases in the overtime rate related to the ACP’s- ranging from $.20 to $.61 per hour for members working overtime for approximately 3 out of the 4 years of the Contract.

Q. Can you explain the unusual features of the “Wage” package?
A. Yes, the Unions were not looking for huge wage increases but were looking to hold down Medical Plan Cost increases and get a wage package that put members ahead some economically. We think both were achieved although we would have liked one less ACP Payment for another base wage increase. The ACP’s and Ratification bonus had to due with the pending sale of appliances and Louisville. The $.60 cents per hour wage rate increase (rather than a percentage) had to do with the wage gap into 2 tier wage shops, and the guaranteed fixed $.80 per hour wage rate COLA increases for this Contract had to do with low inflation rates that caused no semi- annual increases a number of times the last 4 years .

Q. Is the ACP payment identical to a lump sum payment?
A. No, it is not identical to a lump sum. An ACP payment is not as good as a wage base increase like the $.60 and $.80 (COLA) increases secured but it also not as bad as pure lump sum like the $2,000 Ratification Bonus . The $8,000 in ACP payments members has 3 advantages over a lump sum. ACP are earnings and get credited to your pension , your 401K accounts and GE’s matching contribution, and increases one’s overtime pay rate for long periods of time . Also, both the ACP payments (and the ratification bonus) do NOT count as earnings to push you higher on the Medical bracket wage tables

Select "READ MORE" below.




THE IUE-CWA LOCAL 201 STEWARDS COUNCIL VOTED 18-16 today to recommend approval to the membership of the tentative Contract Agreement with GE.The Local 201 Executive Policy Board had voted to recommend approval by a 9-2 vote yesterday.

Important Local 201 Information Membership Meetings will be held at 12:30PM and 3:30PM at St. Michael's Hall on Monday June 29, 2015

Secret Ballot voting will occur in the Building 96 Auditorium or at the Union Hall between 6:00AM and 5:00PM on Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

GE IUE-CWA contract report.

The IUE-CWA Local 201 Executive Policy Board voted today 9 to 2 to recommend acceptance of the GE/IUE-CWA Tentative Agreement. The Local 201 Stewards Council will meet at 1:00 pm tomorrow and vote a recommendation. The IUE-CWA NATIONAL NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE (elected leaders) voted unanimously on Tuesday, June 23rd 11-0 to recommend acceptance of the Contract Offer to the IUE-CWA Conference Board delegates. On Wednesday, June 24th the IUE-CWA Conference Board delegates voted unanimously to accept the agreement.
This was a very difficult vote for us, as this was an unusual negotiating environment due to many factors; business sales, lawsuits and other issues. We will fully explain the reasons for recommendation at the informational meeting on Monday, June 29th at St. Michael’s hall on the corner of Elmwood Ave and West Neptune St. at 12:30 pm and 3:30pm.
There are a number of things in the Contract Offer that we do not like:
The fact that current pre-65 retirees, post-65 retirees, and future retirees got caught in a complicated legal mess (the fact that Union does not have an unconditional right to represent retirees under law) started by GE’s unnecessary move removing their salaried members from traditional GE post 65 insurance and offering them an health exchange with some GE subsidies. Our current retirees are caught in limbo but I suspect there will be some movement of us into the salaried employees’ situation. One lawsuit for salaried continues.
The $2,000 ratification bonus (going only to Locals that vote to ratify). That is a nasty clause and I question even its legality, which is currently being reviewed by our lawyers. I fought hard to get that removed the last few days.
Three ACP lump sum payments.
I wish we could have held down the Medical Contribution rates more in the last couple of years of the contract.
However, there are some really good provisions for the country and our Local:
The No Pension freeze letter is huge - as it will guarantee at least 8 more years of the Defined Pension Plan for our middle aged members (assuming ratification votes of both IUE-CWA and UE). I did not expect that to be achieved.
A Decent Pension Update (not as good as last time but significant) and this helps many current 201 daywork and former piecework members, including a large number of pieceworkers that have already retired.
The pension and disability pension supplements were renewed and improved. The Guaranteed Pension tables also were improved.
There was a one-time update payment into the Retirement Savings Plan for those not in a Defined Benefit Pension Plan.
Also, there are 2 VRIP opportunities. They are in February 2016 and February 2018 - giving a lot of workers 2 chances to qualify or take one into retirement. (Note: The February date helps with extra vacation and sick time payments, but Retiree Life Insurance is reduced for retirements starting January 1, 2016 and after.)
Medical deductibles, co-pays and out of pocket maximums are frozen for the life of the Contract.
There will be a 3 year period with no increase to medical contribution, from Jan.2, 2014 through December 31, 2016 (unless you are under working spouse provisions).
There will be no change in generic/targeted drug co-pays for retail and mail order.
Emergency ambulance coverage was improved from 80% to 100%.
There were improvements in a host of other areas like STD, LTDI, IEA, Dental and Vision benefits.
There is a small pension increase for retirees/survivors whose retirements started on or before December 1, 2005.
There are various new sub-contracting, Article XXII, changes that should help us reduce outsourcing, bring work into Lynn, and safeguard the future of our members jobs for years. I will get more into the details at the Membership Information Meetings on Monday, June 29th.


The IUE-CWA GE Conference Board  Elected  Delegates from Locals across the country voted this morning to unanimously recommend the "Contract Offer" making it officially a "Tentative "Agreement that now returns back to the membership of all IUE-CWA Locals for a secret ballot vote on Tuesday, June 30. The Local 201 Policy Board shall shall vote a "recommendation" on Thursday and Local 201 Steward's Council on Friday. Information on the agreement will be distributed to members. On Monday, there will be Information Meetings on the Contract at St. Mike's Hall before next Tuesday's Membership's secret ballot vote. Details on times for the information meeting and voting will be forthcoming.

The UE Conference Board Delegates voted yesterday to recommend approval to its membership of the package also , as reported on their Web Site

This shall be the last report from New York City as myself, and delegates Capano and Russell shall be returning to Lynn this evening from New York . See yesterdays post for just some of the reasons we voted to support this package. More will be explained at our Local 201 meetings back in Lynn 



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