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IUE-CWA press release


For release June 1, 2015


Contact: Laura Hagan, IUE-CWA, (937)


Contracts Talks Open June 1 for 10,000 at GE


New York -- Contract negotiations at General Electric Co., get underway on June 1 in New York City. The negotiations cover 10,000 IUE-CWA workers and another 6,000 workers from other U.S. unions.


Critical issues for workers are healthcare and retirement security, jobs and wages. IUE-CWA members want a fair contract, one that reflects the company's continuing financial success and workers’ contributions to the company’s bottom line. In 2014, CEO Jeffrey Immelt received $37 million in compensation, about 1,057 times the pay of an average worker of $36,134. 


IUE-CWA members from every GE local have been holding solidarity rallies, culminating with a multi-local rally in Louisville on Saturday, May 30. IUE-CWAers will continue to mobilize for the fair contract they deserve. 


IUE-CWA President Jim Clark, CWA District 1 Vice President Chris Shelton and Bob Santamoor, IUE-CWA GE Conference Board chairman, will kick off the negotiations. The contract expires June 21. 


Clark said, “These will be difficult negotiations, but GE is financially healthy enough to meet our very reasonable demands.  We have the full support of our membership behind us, and we are ready to work hard and get a good contract.”

IUE-CWA represented workers work at multiple GE locations nationwide. 




Contract kickoff rally

WHEN: FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015
               3:00 AM (Third Shift):
               11:42 AM (First Shift)
               7:00 PM (Second Shift)
WHERE: In Building 63 Parking Lot near the flagpole behind Building 40
These Rallies are being held at IUE-CWA GE plants across the country on May 29, 2015 as a show of SOLIDARITY between Union Locals and a send off to our union bargaining representatives who will be traveling to New York City this weekend for the opening of 2015 GE Contract Negotiations. Contract Bargaining begins Monday, June 1 at 1:00PM.
All IUE-CWA Local Officers and Board members will be in attendance at these May 29 Rallies. Please attend and wear a Union shirt – either the red GE Workers United shirt or blue Local 201 shirt.
Hear short reports from Local 201 union representatives and give BA Ric Casilli a supportive send off to New York City.

The American Dream. Part 2

LOCAL 201 PRESS RELEASE (Friday, May 15, 2015)
PART # 2
(Note: Part # 1 can be found by goggling YOU TUBE VIDEOS and then type in The American Dream – IUE-CWA Local 201 in the search section at top of YOU TUBE VIDEO page or by hitting the video tab on you will see scrolling down the IUE-CWA Local 201 Face Book page.)
The American Dream local cable show will air Part 2 of an interview with IUE-CWA Local 201 President Pete Capano and Business Agent Ric Casilli on Channel 3 (Comcast) and Channel 38 (Verizon) on Mondays @ 8:30 PM and Wednesdays @ 9:30 PM beginning Monday May 18 and Wednesday May 20. THERE ALSO IS A LINK ON LOCAL 201 FACE BOOK TO CLICK ON TO WATCH PART 2.
In Part #1, Capano talked about IUE-CWA’s work in the communities of Lynn and surrounding North shore towns and some of the achievements they have been involved in, such as the E-Team Machinist Training Program. Casilli, also a member of the Union’s National GE negotiating committee spoke about some of the key issues in the upcoming June National GE Contract negotiations impacting tens of thousands of current and former GE employees in the Northeast region – the deterioration and expense of the current GE Medical Plan, the threat of the loss of Retiree Medical plans and inadequate Pension Benefits.
Part #2 is a continuation of exploring theses some of these same subjects and some new ones.


The monthly Membership meetings are Tues. May 19 at 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM. There are membership votes on a number of issues that are listed on page 4 of the May 12, 2015 edition of the IUE-CWA 201 NEWS, including the rules and procedures for collecting Strike Benefits in the event of a Nationwide GE Strike and the modification of GE E-Board jurisdictions.There also will be reports on GE CONTRACT 2015 National Mobilization plans and on the opposition movement to Fast track and TPP. The full agenda is listed on page 4 of the last union paper


Much of the Wednesday April 22, 2015 Daily Item Story is accurate and fine. However, there a few parts that are misleading. The title "GE union details its wish list" does not capture the interviews with Pete and I. We spoke extensively about our focus key issues and not any "wish list". The article captures some of this later in the article when we are quoted as saying "there are some big ticket items the committee will be pursuing, including medical coverage and benefits for employees and retirees, improvement in pensions and job security provisions for all plants" and ''stopping medical cost shifting on employees" and "keeping and improving our benefits". 

The second paragraph of the article states "Among the issues for the union are improvements in vacation and sick time, as well as pay for disability". Although that statement is technically true, the placement of  those issues at the front of the article leads one to think they are part of the main core issues. They are not. The issues highlighted above were what we totally concentrated on in the lengthy interviews.

Business Agent Ric Casilli

GE Lynn Plant IV E-Board Member Resigns

Skip Brown has submitted his resignation as the Plant IV Board member for personal reasons effective Tuesday, April 21, 2015.  President Capano has temporarily appointed Plant IV Shop Steward Adrian Cronin Jr. to fill the vacant part time Board slot. Adrian will also retain his Shop Steward position at this time. We thank Skip Brown for his hard and dedicated work on behalf of our members and Local 201. Skip may be putting in Steward papers for a temporary steward opening that exists on his shift in Plant IV.
Due to financial concerns, the drop in numbers of members in our current 4 E-Board constitutional jurisdictions, and the Company’s recent changes in management structure – Local 201 leadership believes a change in the E-Board Constitutional jurisdictions is necessary. To that end, a meeting of the Constitution Committee has been called for Wednesday, April 22 to consider some changes to adjust the Local to the new situation. More information on the jurisdiction modifications being considered will be published following a meeting of the Constitution Committee.
Business Agent Ric Casilli


11:42AM TO 12 NOON
We ask all our members to punch out and join this short rally at the GE Fairchild St. gate.
All IUE-CWA GE Locals are holding Contract 2015 protests at their plants on this day.  GE retirees will be protesting this same day at the GE Shareholders Meeting in Oklahoma City and buses of union members from IUE-CWA Local 1004 (GE Strothers plant in Arkansas City, Kansas) will be joining the retirees.
With National Contract negotiations opening on June 1, 2015 in New York City, union members need to deliver a strong message that we want better pensions and improved affordable medical and an end to the huge cost shifting that has been thrown on our backs the last 4 years We also need to let GE know we will fight to protect our retirement benefits and that GE’s recent elimination of such benefits on salaried exempt employees was outrageous.
A corporation making over $16 Billion in annual profits out of its Industrial Divisions has no reason to treat its employees and our members in this horrible fashion.
Please PUNCH out and join us in a short but important CONTRACT 2015 protest. Wear your red CBC T-shirts for the April 23 protest. If you do not have one yet- wear a blue Local 201 T-shirt. Remember to punch back in.

Local 201 on community cable tv.

Local 201 Business Agent Ric Casilli and President Pete Capano are featured in interviews on the LYNN CAM Cable Show “The American Dream” The show aired first on Monday, April 6 and the interviews are about the Local and about the upcoming GE National Contract.
The show is on again @ 6:30PM every night this week (and likely for the next 2 weeks) on Lynn Channels 3 or 22 (Comcast) and on Channels 37 or 38 (Verizon) for Lynn and surrounding communities.
You can also check these channels at 9:30PM and 11:50PM and it may be repeated at those times

New Phone System at Local 201 Union Hall

This was announced in our February 10, 2015 edition of the Local 201 News. Apparently some members did not see the notice on page 3 of that paper.
Due to our new phone system at the hall, starting March 2, 2015 the following numbers will be taken out of service 4-4131 (or 781-594-4131) ,  4-4132 (or 781-594-4132) AND 4-4052 (or 781-594-4052).  Starting March 2, 2015 anyone wishing to call the Union Hall must call 781-598-2760 from an outside line or a cell phone.
Also affected will be the retiree officer telephone line (Kevin Maher). Kevin’s old number 781-592-0884 will be shut down on March 2, 2015. His new line is already working and is hooked in to our main Union Hall number. You can call 781-598-2760 to be transferred to him or you can call his cell phone number 781-367-7822.  

Assembly & Test lack of work reductions.

January 20, 2015 UPDATE
Lynn gets some new commercial development work
During the week of January 5, 2015, the GE Employment Office placed most of the 26 R23 Advanced Aircraft Engine Mechanics (AAEM’S) and the 3 R20 Grinders that were issued permanent lack of works out of the Lynn Assembly & Test Organization (LATO). Union representative Bill Rounseville and LATO Board Member Billy Maher were assigned to the replacement committee for the Union to ensure members were moved properly under our Layoff and Transfer Supplement.
As of the end of the week on January 9, 2015 – 26 members (out of the 29 total reductions) had either displaced or been placed in new R16, R17, R19, or R20 job openings mostly in Buildings 66 and 63. Two employees were not yet placed as they were out on illness but there are still available openings for them. One member took their contractual right to a permanent layoff to “the street” rather than drop over 2 rates. Four of the highest seniority members lack of worked were put under a 78 week rate guarantee per a union/company agreement.
Our joint replacement committee did a good job processing the moves and no one was forced on “to the street” on layoff as we had hoped.
The Company was looking for a total of 45 reductions out of Lynn Assembly & Test. In addition to the 29 permanent reductions mentioned above, 9 members (8 AAEMS and 1 Grinder) chose optional retirement with the $18,000 Bonus and 7 AAEMS opted for 90 day temporary lack of works collecting unemployment and Income Extension Aid (IEA). This added up to the Company’s forecasted 45 head reduction in Lynn Assembly & Test. The temporary lack of works and new job placements became effective January 12, 2015.
The majority of placements were in job openings in Building 66 as the Company is anticipating a surge of farm-in work into Plant IV as a result of the Piecework Agreement and also return of  Plant IV work farmed out during the piecework to day work transition/training phase that occurred in the last 2 quarters of 2014. The Company continues to state the amount of Plant IV farm-in will increase proportionately to rising increases in productivity in Plant IV. The union has previously asked our members to give “a fair days work for a fairs days pay”- meaning about 6 ½ hours productive labor a day (accounting for lost time start-up, breaks, lunch , and clean up) barring any machine breakdown, planning or work or tool shortage issues. We continue to request such as it will help our proposals to bring in more work.
The Company informed the Union that they have secured some new commercial development work on a CDP Seal for either Bldg. 64 or Bldg 74 that will have 2015 labor hours for 6- 8 “heads” as well as some new Combustor development work for Bldg 40 worth about 1 “head” in 2015 but increasing over the next few years. The Company stated that if we are successful on the development, the possibility exists of securing a lot of this work when it goes into production around 2018. This is a good start but Lynn needs a lot more commercial new work to make up for lost hours of military work.
In an unrelated event, the Company issued 2 permanent lack of works –one to R21 Pipe Fitter classification and one to the R23 Plumber classification. Both layoffs were cancelled out by retirements with the $18,000 Bonus. The Company also offered 21 temporary lack of works for up to 90 days by seniority to various craft classifications to begin Jan 12, 2015. There were 21 candidates that took them. Both temporary lack of work offerings (R23’s and the various craft classifications) will need to be approved at the January 28, 2015 Membership Meeting. However, per past practice the Union is allowing them to start January 12, 2015 anticipating subsequent approval. If not, members would be called back from temporary lack of work
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