Official Results on Merger and Contract Voting today for Avis and Budget IUE-CWA Local 201 Members August 15, 2013 Vote




Avis Members ( Logan Airport/Headquarters – East Boston ) – 87% for merging with Budget 201 Unit and 13% against

Budget Members ( Logan Airport- East Boston- East Boston ) -100% for merging with Avis 201 Unit and 0% against


Avis and Budget Members in East Boston voted – 95%  YES to the New Merged Contract with 5% Against.


 The Contract has been accepted overwhelmingly and our members have a new 5 year Contract.


The ratification acceptance is now official now. The Election Committee has not included “challenged” ballots in the count – mostly voters who did not show up on current Union dues lists. (8 individuals from Budget and 7 from Avis). These could be Company payroll mistakes that need to be corrected and the votes may be later counted after review. This could change the percentages in favor but not the final outcome.


There were also 8 ballots from Avis that the Election Committee said they have rejected as the voters’ intent was not clear from the way they marked the ballot or they ruled the individual was not an eligible voter



LOCAL 201 will NOW be preparing for our next negotiation with the Company for the Wage Adjustments needed for approximately 40-45 members at Budget and Avis.






AVIS MEMERS (Boston Downtown & Cambridge) voted 71% Yes to New Contract with 29% Against the New Contract  (Note: these members previously had voted to become a separate bargaining unit of IUE-CWA local 201 but Local 201 negotiated the same Contract for them to vote on as the new merged unit in East Boston). There was 1 ballot form Downtown rejected by the Election Committee for no clear voter intent. The Contract has officially been accepted by Downtown members.