Unions seek pay hikes for 40 Members




As a result of an agreed upon 2013 Contract re-opener, negotiations began on Thursday October 3, between Local 201 and AB Group (Avis-Budget) to review some Avis and Budget members’ pay rates in attempts to reconcile some parity issues.


Avis merged with Budget a number of years ago but continued to operate if the two brands as separate businesses at Lynn. There then was the recent merger of Avis and Budget members’ Labor Contracts at Logan Airport and Avis Headquarters in East Boston. This was driven by Massport’s centralization of all car rental companies into one building. Now, all Avis and Budget members are in one unit called AB Group at Logan Airport and Headquarters.




The Union spent time reviewing all members’ rates during the last month, following the recent general wage increase, in preparation for these negotiations and to update the Union’s parity proposal to the Company. During this process, the Union discovered a number of contractual wage rate errors in applying the recent general wage increase. These were NOT parity issues but mistakes made in processing the wage increases correctly for 19 members. This was a separate problem occurring due to mistakes in the application of some provisions of our recent Contract regarding wage rates and is a totally separate issue from the 40 members the union is seeking the parity raises for.




Local 201 identified contractual wage related mistakes for 19 members. 10 were former Avis shuttlers that now are in the new PDI separate classification. The $1.80 special adder for doing PDI work was supposed to be included in their regular pay rate and not just as a special adder and thus 10 PDI members will have their regular pay rate adjusted upward $1.80 going forward. If any of these individuals did not receive the $1.80 as an adder to their rate since July 1, 2013 – they shall receive retroactive back pay to that day. If they took vacation during this recent period- retroactivity also applies to that time.


The Union also found one Budget Service Agent that does janitorial functions did not get their $.60 per hour wage increase and that will be corrected and made retroactive back to July 1, 2013.


In addition, Local 201 found 4 Budget Service Agents, 2 Avis RSA’s, and 2 Budget CSR’s that were not given their proper wage rate increases. These members received their $.60 per hour contractual wage increase but they did not receive the increase as a result of the negotiated improved higher step rates at the top of the 2 year progression schedule. The rate increases for these 8 members range from $.60 to $2.00 per hour and also shall be retroactive to July 1. 2013.


The Union and Company signed an Agreement, fixing all 19 members’ problems referenced above. The Stewards have a copy of the Agreement and all the specific wage hikes for the 19 members. If you think you may be one of these members – see your steward.  These members should see a wage rate adjustment on their checks and a retroactive payment within a few weeks.




Following the lengthy amount of time it took to discuss and fix the contractual wage errors for the 19 members mentioned above, the Union then presented the Company with our adjusted Parity Proposal for another 39 members – 5 Budget Service Agents, , 5 Budget RSA’s, 3 Avis RSA’s, 11 Budget CSR’s, 2 Avis CSR’s, 3 Avis PDI’s and 10 Avis Shuttlers. Since then, the Union added one more Service Agent from Avis making it a total of 40


The Union and Company then discussed each of the identified individuals one at a time – name by name. This took almost all day Friday, October 4. The Company said it would take some time to review each person’s work history and to respond to the Union’s proposal. Negotiations are set to resume on Wednesday, November 6 and Thursday November 7. We shall keep you posted on these important negotiations.