Official IUE-CWA Local 201 Communication




Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Two more Contract negotiating sessions were held on April 9 and April 10. The Union and Company have been plodding through the 31 Articles of the Avis Union Contract and the 26 Articles of the Budget Union Contract. The parties are attempting to merge the two contracts into one Contract between IUE-CWA Local 201 and AB Car Rental Services. At this point, the parties are working on merging non-economic Contract Articles. The Union has been fighting to put in the best provisions for all our members in any new agreement, whether they are from the Avis or Budget Contract. It is a complicated and slow process doing this.


The Union strongly opposed a Company proposal to split off our Avis Maintenance Technicians at Headquarters to be under a separate Contract and become a separate bargaining unit of Local 201. The Company dropped the proposal. Thus, our technicians will remain in the same bargaining unit and be under the same contract as our members at Logan Airport.


The Union also strongly opposed a Company proposal to split off our members working for Avis in Boston/Cambridge to be under a separate Contract. The Company argument is that they are going to be working for a separate Avis management and not AB Car Rental Services management. The Union argued successfully that we would agree they could be a separate union bargaining unit of Local 201 closing the door on any movement between downtown and Logan Airport during any times of job reductions. However, they will remain under the same main merged Contract we are currently negotiating for the Airport


Our Bus Drivers at Avis and Budget will not be under the provisions of the new contract agreement negotiated and ratified by the membership, unless they get transferred into other job positions for AB Car Rental Services or Avis (Boston/Cambridge). They shall however remain under all provisions of our current Contracts with Budget or Avis and the provisions of the separate Bonus agreement previously announced. Their layoff date is expected to occur sometime in September.


Negotiations for a new merged Contract will resume on Friday April 19. The parties hope to try and settle all non-economic provisions of the Contract that day and then begin discussing the important economic issues such as wages, vacations, overtime rates etc. and a host of benefit areas.                                               




The parties have reached an agreement to meet with an impartial 3rd party mediator to discuss the complicated issue of merging the seniority of the members in the 2 bargaining units. The meeting will be held in Boston at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation headquarters on Tuesday, May 21. The Company and Union will be presenting the Federal Mediator with the background and history of the Avis and Budget Bargaining units and the seniority provisions in both current contracts. The Union’s full negotiating committee will participate, including Avis Chief Steward Jorge Rivera, Avis Steward Eladio Quintana, Budget Chief Steward Kamau Hashim and Budget Steward Muktar Abdul. The Union has also asked our stewards to select a union member from Avis and a union member from Budget to participate in the discussions and presentation of the complicated issue to the mediator. We will update our members after that meeting on the seniority issue.


Remember there is no agreement unless the Union reaches a final tentative agreement and it is then voted and ratified by the memberships of both current units – Avis and Budget.


We will keep you updated on the negotiations. Thanks for your support.


IUE-CWA Local 201 Avis/Budget Bargaining Committee



                  Ric Casilli                Alex Brown                Bill Rounseville

Business Agent             President         Amalgamated Representative


   Jorge Rivera                Kamau Hashim           Eladio Quintana       Muktar Abdul

Avis Chief Steward    Budget Chief Steward      Avis Steward         Budget Steward