Avis and Budget Contract Negotiations Open

Negotiations opened on February 15th in an attempt to try and forge one Contract (out of the current separate contracts) for our approximate 230 Avis and Budget members This is going to be an extremely difficult process. The Union’s goal is to improve wages, benefits and working conditions for ALL our members. In regards to seniority (for shift bids, vacation bids, layoffs etc), your Avis Stewards (Jorge Rivera and Eladio Quintana) and your Budget Stewards Kamau Hashim and Mukhtar Abdul have made it abundantly clear to Union officers and Company officials how “their members” would like it be applied. To no one’s surprise – the views of the two unit’s members are 100% apart. This is totally natural and to be expected. There are very valid reasons why both sides they feel it should be their way. However, you are ALL union members and we have to care about ALL union members. There is only one way to accomplish this and that is coming up with a fair compromise. Both the Company and Union Officers are reviewing different options on the seniority issue to try and strike a fair and balanced compromise taking into account the history of employees with Avis and Budget and their history in union bargaining unit positions. In the end, no one is going to get 100% of what they want but our goal is to do something that is fair under the circumstances. (Note: This has nothing to do with your current “service dates” that the company uses for your benefits, wages, amount of vacation time etc. Those dates will NOT be changed at all as a result of the merger)