GE Announces New Internal Training Programs in Lynn

Plan Welcomed by Local 201

            At a meeting on November 30th, in top Lynn HR Manager John Burke’s Conference Room, the Company announced to Local 201 Union Officials that new Internal Training Programs would begin in 2008.  
            For the last few years, Local 201 has been requesting internal training to raise the general skill level of the workforce and provide for better upgrade opportunities.  Years ago, the Company ran the Apprentice Program, the Machine Operator Training Program, and various “after hours” classes.
            GE’s announcement was welcomed news by Local 201.  The Company said Phase #1 will be a class incorporating (a) Shop Math (b) Blueprint Reading (c) Shop Theory, and (d) Quality Systems/Measurement.  This class is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2008 and be an “after-hours” course of 2 nights per week for 12 weeks.  The Company “may” also hold a class during days for “back shifters”.  This class is helpful for current R16’s and below looking to upgrade into the many R17 classifications.
Phase #2 would be Specific Machine Training classes, and a class in Welding Training.  Phase #3 would involve a NC Training/Programming Course mostly involving incumbent planners.
Phase #4 would be a Repair Control Training Program.
            The Company and Union discussed the procuring of resources and placing interested individuals in classes by seniority.  There seemed to be a general agreement on the entire approach.  These training programs should become a valuable investment aiding the River Works in maintaining its high standards of skills, quality, and productivity. 
             BA Ric Casilli said “This should insure our workforce is skilled in the new machining and technologies that have been arriving in the plant from the increased investment.” 
             President Jeff Crosby said “This effort could lead to increasing aid and co-ordination with GE and may also help our successful outside ‘E-Team’ Machinist Training Program.”  (Crosby and the Program Director met, following the “internal” training meeting, to discuss this.)