Note: The only reduction in any of the step rates applies solely for Avis RSA’s that are between  6 and 18 months of service as of July 1, 2013.  However, the Union got these few members’ rates “grandfathered” until the new step rates take them higher.


*Technicians- 1 ASE increases from $0.20 per hour to $0.25 per hour

                   3 ASE increases from $0.40 per hour to $0.50 per hour (cumulative)

                   Tool allowance increases from annual max. of $325 to $350

 Minimum Starting rates for Technicians increased $0.20 per hour (Tech   C) $0.95 (Tech B) and $0.45 (Tech A)


* Lead Hands - $1.00 per hour additional (was $0.90 @ Avis & $1.10 @ Budget)

*Night Shift Differential – For employees whose shifts start on or after 2:00PM but

                                           Before 10:00PM – additional $0.50 per hour; on or after

                                           10:00PM up to and including 4:00AM –an additional $0.75




* Union and Company signed a commitment letter to make “good faith” efforts to address wage “equity” issues by reopening any newly ratified Contract solely for the purpose of negotiating “equity” wage adjustments discussed during the 2013 Contract Negotiations.  This Letter of Understanding mandates the parties “continue to negotiate during the four month period following ratification”. The Union has made a proposal to the Company that 23 Budget members and 18 Avis members need such wage increases based on their service and relative to others with similar service in the same classification receiving higher pay.  The parties agreed, if a resolution is not agreed to, that it shall be referred to non-binding federal mediation.  If no agreement can be reached, the Union retains the right to picket and/or strike over issues and has other contractual and legal options as well.




NO Changes from current Avis and Budget Contracts except as follows:


*The previous free Avis Accident & Sickness Benefit, available to Avis members only that choose not to enroll in the employee paid Short Term Disability (STD) Plan, shall remain free and that benefit option shall also now be extended to all Budget members on the same terms as Avis members.


*This Accident & Sickness benefit is IMPROVED.  For members earning more than $8.00 per hour but less than $12.00 per hour, the benefits increases from $135.00 weekly to $150.00 weekly.  For members earning more than $12.00 per hour, the benefit increases from $160.00 weekly to $175.00 weekly.








* The Budget Retirement Savings Plan (401K), with its $1.00 company match for each $1.00 contributed up to 6%  (which all Budget members are currently in), shall be offered to all Avis employees hired after April 18, 2008 who have not been eligible for the Avis Pension Plan for Bargaining Unit employees. This is an increase from a $0.75 match these Avis employees have now, to the $1.00 match that Budget employees have enjoyed.


* New Hires after Contract Ratification date are eligible for the Budget Retirement Savings Plan on a $0.50 company match basis up to 6%.


*Avis Pension Plan for Bargaining Unit employees for Avis members hired prior to April 1, 1991 improved as follows:


         July 1, 2013 - eligible for Budget Retirement Savings Plan on “no match” basis,

                                in addition to their Avis Pension Plan

         July 1, 2013 – Current Pension of $20 per month per year of service (retrospective)

                                 increased to $24 per month per year of service  (prospectively)

         July 1, 2015 - Increased to $26 per month per year (prospectively)



*Avis Pension Plan for Bargaining Unit employees for Avis member hired on or after April 1, 1991 and on or before April 18, 2008


         July 1, 2013 - eligible for Budget Retirement Savings Plan on a “no match” basis,

                                in addition to their Avis Pension Plan

         July 1, 2014 - Current Pension of $21 per month per year of service (prospective)     

                                increased to $24 per month per year of service (prospectively)

         July 1, 2015 - Increased to $25 per month per year of service (prospectively)




* Full time current Budget members gain 4 additional paid holidays!!  Added to their list of current holidays will be MLK Day, President’s Day, Patriot’s Day and the Day after Thanksgiving.  Current full time Avis members will lose Columbus Day as a paid holiday but pick up an additional paid Personal Day.  All current full time members thus will have 10 Paid Holidays and 3 Paid Personal Days.  All current employees on probation on or prior to the date of ratification will be eligible for all these holidays and personal days.







* Part-Time current members, if they work a fixed holiday, will receive holiday pay plus time and one half. This is current Avis Contract language but it is an improvement for Budget part- time members of 8 hours pay.


* Full time new hires, hired after contract ratification, shall receive 6 Paid Holidays after probation identical to the current Budget Contract for all members.  After one year, they will also receive 3 paid Personal Days.  After 5 years, these employees will receive 2 additional paid Personal Days for a total of 6 Paid Holidays and 5 Paid Personal Days.


* If a holiday falls during an employee’s scheduled vacation period, the employee will receive and additional day off with pay (current Budget language adopted).


*The Company may conduct a temporary shift bid in advance of a holiday for those normally scheduled to work that day, provided it is completed  a minimum of one week in advance of the holiday (improved Budget Contract language).


*Holiday Banking Language – Avis Contract language stays in for applicable Avis employees only.




*Current Full Time members are eligible to accrue up to 8 hours of paid sick time per month up to a maximum of 8 days per year.  Avis members, with less than 7 years   service, will get an extra paid sick day going from 7 days to 8 days annually.  All current employees have an option to be paid out in December each year or to carry over up to 4 additional days into the following calendar year for a maximum of 12.


*New Hire Full Time members accrue up to 6 days in the first year, up to 7 days between years 2 -5, and 8 days after the fifth year.  This will allow new hired members to pick up their 8th day 2 years earlier than current Avis contract language.  All new hires will have any unused time paid out in December.




*The amount of vacation time did NOT change for either our Avis of Budget units. However, all members will transition to the current Budget monthly based vacation accrual system rather than Avis’s anniversary date of hire non-accrual system. There will be extra vacation time gained by Avis employees in this first year transitioning to the new system. The Company has agreed with a Union request to give a full presentation to Avis members on this change and explain how members gain extra vacation days the first year of the transition. Avis members also will gain the benefit of the Budget language in that it allows the use of vacation time in ½ day increments up to a maximum of 2 weeks following a member’s 5th anniversary.









*Bargaining Unit Seniority used for all purposes for all classifications, except new hire RSA’s. This is an improvement for any Avis member in the new multi-skill CSR classification.


*For only the 3 classifications where Avis and Budget members are merging together (RSA’s, Service Agents and those merging into the new CSR classification), the following applies: For these employees hired into a bargaining unit position before October 22, 2009 (date Budget became a union bargaining unit), employees shall be granted a seniority date reflecting their last date of hire at Avis or Budget PLUS time spent in their union bargaining unit position multiplied by a factor of .50.  This is called a credited seniority ranking for anyone that was hired in a bargaining position before October 22, 2009 and is currently in or comes into one of these 3 classifications.  It ends if one leaves these classifications.


*Current RSA’s will use their credited seniority ranking for all purposes going forward.  Pertaining to the RSA job classification only, employees newly entering this classification shall use only job classification seniority for shift and vacation bidding.


* A Memorandum of Understanding on Seniority makes clear that an employee’s SERVICE DATE shall remain the date the employee was last hired by the Company without a break in service per Article 13 of the Contract.  Company Service date governs such time as vacation allotment, sick time personal time etc. a member receives under the Contract.  It is not to be confused with SENIORITY DATE or CREDITED SENIORITY DATE.  In addition, there is a Memorandum of Understanding protecting a person’s Service Date if they transfer between “brands” of the Company.




* This Letter describes the merging of different current classifications into a new multi-skill CSR classification and describes the broader variety of functions they shall perform, including a new “Select and Go” service.  The letter also details the bidding process for all RSA’s should they wish to bid into these jobs. Those in this CSR classification receive an extra $0.25 per hour raise December 1, 2013 as a result of the broader job duties.












* Old terrible IUE-CWA Local 298 Contract Language capping Union Shuttler positions at the number 45 has been finally removed from the Contract!


* Letter of Understanding mandates all shuttler work at the Airport or any shuttlers (part- time or full time) working out of Headquarters and servicing the Airport will all be union bargaining unit jobs.




* Two 12 minute paid break periods and 30 minute unpaid lunch.  Avis members lose 1 minute and Budget members gain 9 minutes of paid break time.


* Secured Avis contract language that time and one half pay overtime pay includes working over 8 hours in a day – a gain for Budget members.


* Secured Avis contract language that mandatory overtime is limited to 16 hours in a week – a gain for Budget members.


* Secured Avis contract language that holiday and vacation pay count as “time worked” for purposes of calculating whether you have “worked” 40 hours in a week and go on overtime pay in excess of that 40 hours- a gain for Budget members. (Bereavement pay shall not count as “time worked”).




*You will be paid for higher rated work extra pay per hour.  You calculate the difference between the start rate of your regular job and the start rate of higher rated job.  You add this to your regular hourly rate.  This also applies to your rate on upgrading to a higher rated job.  This is a gain for both Avis and Budget units.




* Improvements in language for both the Avis and Budget members strengthening the value of bargaining unit seniority for qualified current employees to be selected.













*Secured Avis contract language provisions that provide member’s valuable job and benefit protections while on “leaves” or layoff– extends Avis member’s protections to Budget members for a big gain.





* Current Avis contract language adopted and extends benefits in these two separate unrelated Articles to all Budget members for a gain.




* Part-Time employees will be defined as “those regularly scheduled to work 24 or less hours in a week” per the current Avis language.  This is an improvement over the Budget Contract which had defined them as “those who are regularly scheduled to work 30 or less hours in a week”.  In addition Budget part- time employees would be paid time and one half pay if they work over 8 hours in a day like Avis part-time employees.  Another gain for Budget part- time members is that they would be paid for working a fixed holiday not only time and one half pay but now receive 8 hours holiday pay like Avis members.




* Improvements for Avis members- gain 3 days of for legal domestic partner, gain 2 days for sister-in-law and brother- in- law (making it 3 days), gain 1 day for spouse and child (making it 5 days).  Improvements for Budget members – gain 3 days for legal domestic partner and gain 3 days for sister-in-law and brother-in-law.















There are other more minor changes to one or both of the current Avis and Budget Contracts.  However, this communication is a very detailed summary of all the major changes.  The full Contract Agreement shall be distributed to all members the day of the union information meetings.  Members are welcome to ask questions and make comments on the agreement before voting.


This was an extremely complicated negotiation and your union committee worked hard to represent ALL our members’ interests.  In our Unity there is strength.  We think this is an excellent Contract package and these GAINS need to be LOCKED IN by your VOTE.


We shall work just as hard in the Contract reopener negotiation for wage adjustments for our members that need “equality” adjustments.  Thanks to all Avis and Budget members for your support in these tough negotiations and stay united.


The IUE-CWA Local 201 Avis/Budget Bargaining Committee is recommending that our Avis (Logan/Headquarters) members and Budget (Logan) members vote to (1) ACCEPT MERGER into one Bargaining Unit and then vote to (2) ACCEPT this new Contract (which contains the merger language within it) and contains all the above IMPROVEMENTS IN WAGES, BENEFITS AND WORKING CONDITIONS LISTED IN THIS SUMMARY.


The Bargaining Committee is also recommending that our separate Bargaining Unit (Downtown/Cambridge) vote to ACCEPT this new Contract. (These members already voted to approve being a separate unit.)











FOR ALL AVIS AND BUDGET IUE-CWA LOCAL 201 MEMBERS (Including Downtown/Cambridge Members)

(Excluding Bus Drivers who remain under their current Contracts)


When: THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 2013


              207 Porter St. Boston Ma.


Meeting Times: 10AM, 12:30PM, AND 3:00PM.  Full Contracts will be given to members before voting. Membership information meetings are to explain Contract and answer questions.


Voting Times: 10:00AM to 4:30PM

(Members not available that day to vote and wishing to vote by absentee ballot – contact the Union Hall @ 781-598-2760)

Note: There will be 3 different color ballots and 3 Ballot Boxes. It is important you vote on the right ballot. The Local 201 Election Committee members will check your name off a roster sheet of those eligible to vote and assist you in voting on the right ballot and using the right ballot box. The 3 ballots are as follows:


1.     For Budget Members (BLUE BALLOT)

2.     For Avis Airport/Headquarters Members (WHITE BALLOT)

3.     For Avis Downtown/Cambridge Members (PINK BALLOT)


Note: The Company has indicated they would be cooperative in allowing members to attend one of the meetings and/or vote on this day.  They have indicated they would provide some shuttles for our Downtown/ Cambridge members to get to the Airport.



                                               (August 1, 2013)