IUE-CWA Local 201  “Under the provision of the 2011-2015 IUE-CWA GE Wage agreement, a COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment) will be delivered on June 23, 2014, for all eligible GE members. The General Increase will be 3.0%. The COLA increase will be 22 cents per hour. This will be the sixth of eight COLA’s delivered during this contract cycle.”  


GE lack of work update August 28, 2014



The Company/ Union Replacement Committee met early today discussing the Company announced job reductions and openings mentioned in yesterday’s report. After some discussion, the Company has now reduced the 98 announced reductions to 94 at this time. Plant IV job openings remain at 90 at this time and there is likely also going to be some additional openings in the Building 63 Flight Support Center.  The employment office has began calling members in impacted classifications plantwide that have put in for retirement options previously (or currently) to see if they wish to retire October 1, 2014 – mainly those 60 or over with more than 15 years service that have applied for the SVLB  ($18,000 bonus) retirement option. The 94 reduction number would drop with each daywork member retirement that cancels out a lack of work. There has been no change reported in regard to the Piecework members retirement numbers listed in yesterdays report.


Members impacted by the reduction will be notified by the Company Friday and will be called by the employment office beginning next week for job placement. Members should wait to be called before going to the employment office for placement. Aircraft Board member Jeff Francis and Business Agent Ric Casilli will be monitoring the placement process


Shift polling has started in Plant IV of the Plant IV members that plan to stay working to identify where the openings will be for the employment office. Plant IV Board Member Mark Workman and stewards are monitoring this process.


The Company/ Union Plant IV jobs sub-committee shall begin meetings next week to begin working on bringing the farmed out work (from Table 1 of Appendix B of the Piecework Agreement) back in house. Boards Member Skip Brown, Fred Russell and VP Pete Capano will be heading up the union team involved in this process


We will keep you posted

Piecework negotiations update Friday June 6, 2014

FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 2014 (from Local 201 Website)
• Bargaining Sessions were held Monday, June 2 and Wednesday, June 4 this week.
• Little progress was made – Union and Company Proposals remain far apart.
• Company rejected Union’s simple Proposal # 4A compensation provisions providing for a permanent “Red Circle” for current pieceworkers @ average earnings,
• Company rejected Union’s more complicated Proposal #5 compensation provisions that included a temporary “Red Circle” period for current pieceworkers @ average earnings, extending pension update years to include 2011, 2012, and 2013/2014, retirement options and varying piecework “buyout bonuses” depending on whether someone retires or stays and transitions to piecework.
• Union rejected Company Proposal #5 compensation provisions which provided a retirement incentive program for those ages 60 and over that was less than the regular VRIP bonus, a SERO/SERO 30 program (those age 50-59) with no buyout bonus, and a piecework buyout bonus for those staying less than one half of what the union proposed. There was no red circle period, no pension update or pension improvements, and no piecework “buyout” bonuses for anyone retiring
• Union rejected Company Proposal #6 compensation provisions which provided a retirement incentive program for those ages 60 and over that was the same as the VRIP Bonus, a SERO/SERO 30 program (age 50-59) with no buyout bonus, and a short temporary period for those staying where they would get paid a rate in between their average rate and the new daywork rate. There was no red circle period at average earnings, no pension update or pension improvements, and no piecework “buyout” bonuses for anyone. Members staying would be worse off under this proposal than they were under inadequate previous company proposal
• Union and Company proposals also far apart on Job Security provisions but these have not been discussed much yet due to time being spent on compensation part of an agreement
• Union stated that the Company proposals would not come near to achieving the 50-75 Plant IV retirements they desired. They would be lucky to get a “handful”.
• Union stated the Company proposals would hurt badly the business, schedules, productivity, training and skills retention.
• Union stated our members would never accept such a low compensation offer in the areas of pension (nothing) and buyout bonuses (little to nothing)
• Union requested a serious Company proposal that was in the “ballpark”.
• More negotiation details coming- Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Local 201 Newspaper
• Next Bargaining session is Monday. June 9, 2014.

GE lack of work update August 27, 2014



The Company/Union Replacement Committee met today to discuss the Company’s planned announcement of large Reductions In Forces (RIFS)  in LMO areas of the plant (Bldgs. 64, 74, and 40). Business Agent Ric Casilli and Aircraft E-Board Member Jeff Francis are the union members of the Committee at this juncture of the process.

The Company, in the late afternoon today, released a formal announcement of a significant “reduction in force” in LMO with a list of 18 impacted classifications and that various contractual options for retirement would thus be triggered by the announcement. Lists provided the Union by the Company show the announcement involves 98 reductions out of LMO at this time. The number of reductions shall be reduced by anyone taking a retirement option in the impacted classification cancelling out that lack of work. Members interested in such  retirement options listed in the announcement, especially the $18,000 SVLB opportunity (age 60 and over with 15 years or more of service) or in the Direct Layoff SERO Full Benefit opportunity (there will only be a few of these) should make sure they have an application in the employment office.

Members receiving a “lack of work” notice will be told as soon as this Friday. These members will be moving on internal lack of works and will need to wait to get called to the Employment office for their new job placement and/or options under the Layoff and Transfer Supplement. This will start sometime next week.  

The Company now has informed the Union they have increased the number of Plant IV job openings to 90 jobs at this time and this number could possibly increase more depending on the number of actual retirements coming out of Plant IV and as a result of the farm-in commitments made- both items occurring as a result of the recent Piecework agreement. Plant IV management now needs to begin conducting shift polls (on paper from those not retiring) of the current Plant IV groups where the openings are - to determine (for the employment office) where the shift openings will be for members coming into the group from LMO.  Plant IV Stewards and Board Member Mark Workman will be assisting in this process. Then, LMO members moving on a lack of work into the new group can exercise their shift preference in line with seniority.

The Company informed the Union members of the Replacement Committee that the number of Plant IV members that seem pretty committed to taking retirement on October 1, 2014 is now up to 89 with another additional 15 not quite so sure.

We want to be clear on one point – we will NOT know whether there will eventually be any hard layoffs “to the street” resulting from these reductions for at least 7 to 8 weeks (mid to late October). There are too many moving “parts” to the situation with the RIFS and all the contractual provisions that go with such - like Special Voluntary Layoff Bonus (SVLB) opportunities and possibly a few direct SERO opportunities.  In addition to these contractual items, the number of actual retirements out of Plant IV, as a result of the Piecework Agreement, will not be known definitely until late September. This number will affect the number of available openings. The Union is working hard to try and avoid any hard lack of works “to the street” and the Company has agreed to discuss any and all options with the Union that may prevent this from happening. But, repeating once again,it is unclear at this time whether we will be able to prevent anyone from “hitting the street” and it will be at least mid-October before any such event would occur, if it occurs at all.

We will keep you posted

Business Agent Ric Casilli

Local 201 election schedule update.

Attention: Local 201 Candidates!
Local 201 Election News Update
Candidate Readers deadline is Tuesday September 9, 2014 at 5 pm.
Due to an error in some sections of the Election Special Supplement it is listed as Tuesday September 9 and in others it is listed as August 29.
The correct date is Tuesday September 9, 2014 at 5 pm.  It is always OK to turn it in before the deadline.
Alex Brown                 Ric Casilli                    Bob Berlan, Chairman
President                    Business Agent           Election & Jurisdiction Committee