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New Phone System at Local 201 Union Hall

This was announced in our February 10, 2015 edition of the Local 201 News. Apparently some members did not see the notice on page 3 of that paper.
Due to our new phone system at the hall, starting March 2, 2015 the following numbers will be taken out of service 4-4131 (or 781-594-4131) ,  4-4132 (or 781-594-4132) AND 4-4052 (or 781-594-4052).  Starting March 2, 2015 anyone wishing to call the Union Hall must call 781-598-2760 from an outside line or a cell phone.
Also affected will be the retiree officer telephone line (Kevin Maher). Kevin’s old number 781-592-0884 will be shut down on March 2, 2015. His new line is already working and is hooked in to our main Union Hall number. You can call 781-598-2760 to be transferred to him or you can call his cell phone number 781-367-7822.  

Assembly & Test lack of work reductions.

January 20, 2015 UPDATE
Lynn gets some new commercial development work
During the week of January 5, 2015, the GE Employment Office placed most of the 26 R23 Advanced Aircraft Engine Mechanics (AAEM’S) and the 3 R20 Grinders that were issued permanent lack of works out of the Lynn Assembly & Test Organization (LATO). Union representative Bill Rounseville and LATO Board Member Billy Maher were assigned to the replacement committee for the Union to ensure members were moved properly under our Layoff and Transfer Supplement.
As of the end of the week on January 9, 2015 – 26 members (out of the 29 total reductions) had either displaced or been placed in new R16, R17, R19, or R20 job openings mostly in Buildings 66 and 63. Two employees were not yet placed as they were out on illness but there are still available openings for them. One member took their contractual right to a permanent layoff to “the street” rather than drop over 2 rates. Four of the highest seniority members lack of worked were put under a 78 week rate guarantee per a union/company agreement.
Our joint replacement committee did a good job processing the moves and no one was forced on “to the street” on layoff as we had hoped.
The Company was looking for a total of 45 reductions out of Lynn Assembly & Test. In addition to the 29 permanent reductions mentioned above, 9 members (8 AAEMS and 1 Grinder) chose optional retirement with the $18,000 Bonus and 7 AAEMS opted for 90 day temporary lack of works collecting unemployment and Income Extension Aid (IEA). This added up to the Company’s forecasted 45 head reduction in Lynn Assembly & Test. The temporary lack of works and new job placements became effective January 12, 2015.
The majority of placements were in job openings in Building 66 as the Company is anticipating a surge of farm-in work into Plant IV as a result of the Piecework Agreement and also return of  Plant IV work farmed out during the piecework to day work transition/training phase that occurred in the last 2 quarters of 2014. The Company continues to state the amount of Plant IV farm-in will increase proportionately to rising increases in productivity in Plant IV. The union has previously asked our members to give “a fair days work for a fairs days pay”- meaning about 6 ½ hours productive labor a day (accounting for lost time start-up, breaks, lunch , and clean up) barring any machine breakdown, planning or work or tool shortage issues. We continue to request such as it will help our proposals to bring in more work.
The Company informed the Union that they have secured some new commercial development work on a CDP Seal for either Bldg. 64 or Bldg 74 that will have 2015 labor hours for 6- 8 “heads” as well as some new Combustor development work for Bldg 40 worth about 1 “head” in 2015 but increasing over the next few years. The Company stated that if we are successful on the development, the possibility exists of securing a lot of this work when it goes into production around 2018. This is a good start but Lynn needs a lot more commercial new work to make up for lost hours of military work.
In an unrelated event, the Company issued 2 permanent lack of works –one to R21 Pipe Fitter classification and one to the R23 Plumber classification. Both layoffs were cancelled out by retirements with the $18,000 Bonus. The Company also offered 21 temporary lack of works for up to 90 days by seniority to various craft classifications to begin Jan 12, 2015. There were 21 candidates that took them. Both temporary lack of work offerings (R23’s and the various craft classifications) will need to be approved at the January 28, 2015 Membership Meeting. However, per past practice the Union is allowing them to start January 12, 2015 anticipating subsequent approval. If not, members would be called back from temporary lack of work

Assembly & Test Reductions Update



Assembly & Test Reductions Update 

The Local 201 Grievance Board met again with the River Works Company officials today in a series of ongoing meetings over the Company’s announcement back in September over a reduction over 41 R23 AAEM’s and 4 R20 Grinders forecasted for this January. Local 201 put a report up for our members on our Web Site and Face Book page on Monday December 8, 2014 on this situation. For the last 2 weeks we have been in discussions and negotiations with the Company over the entire River Work workload volume forecast and some work being transferred out and into Lynn. The situation has been changing almost daily.

After today’s meeting with the Company, here is the current situation:

*The Company plans to issue 26 R23 AAEM reductions from Buildings 29, 42, and/or Test Cells and 3 R20 Grind Reductions out of Bldg 29. The lack of works (LOW’S) will be issued by Company on Monday, January 5. That is a total of 29 “permanent” reductions. They also will offer up to 16 volunteer temporary lack of work options for up to 90 days to the R23 AAEM classification by seniority to accomplish the 45 reductions they say they need in January. There are now about 5 members in the impacted Assembly & Test groups that appear will take the $18,000 age 60 and over contractual Bonus and retire. If that occurs, the company will reduce down lower the 16 temporary lack of works offered by the number retiring.

*The 29 members moving on lack of work will move and be placed by the Employment Office under Article XI of our National Contract and our related local Layoff and Transfer Supplement (LOT’S). This will occur January 5, 2015 through January 9, 2015. The Union will have appointed representatives involved in this process to assist members per our LOT’S agreement. The Company is planning on opening up a total of  35 jobs on January 5, 2015 – 29 positions in Plant IV(R16, R17 and R19 rates) and 6 positions in Bldg 63FSC (R16) to help in the placement process. Members moving under the LOTS may have other options and/or bumping rights on other members depending on their GE work history and seniority. However, the 35 openings are more than enough openings to ensure no one shall be forced out on the street on layoff in the plant.

*As you aware, there has been an ongoing dispute with the Company on how many R23 AAEM’s layoffs can be contributed to volume drop. The union feels only 22 of the lack of works of AAEM’S are volume related and all additional permanent layoffs above that number are a result of a transfer of work. The Union feels it has a strong contractual case that any R23 AAEM reductions going beyond the 22 number should fall under Article XXII benefits and rights. The Company continues to disagree. However, “on a no precedent and no prejudice position to the Union and Company’s Article XXII respective positions” – the Company has agreed to provide a rate guarantee to any R23 AAEM permanently laid off following the first 22 R23 AAEM volume reductions. So at this time – the last 4 R23 AAEM’s being lack of worked (the highest seniority) shall receive a 78 week rate guarantee. If any further permanent lack of works on R23 AAEM’s do get issued in the following months- they would also fall under the same rate guarantee.

*Anyone R23AAEM choosing a voluntary temporary lack of work by seniority for up to 90 days shall be guaranteed at least one month out but could be recalled back to work at any time after the first month. Any such person (after a one week unemployment waiting period) can receive up to 75% of their 40 hour weekly pay and premium free GE medical and dental benefits while out.

*In an unrelated event, the Company is offering 22 voluntary temporary up to 90 day lack of works by seniority to various Craft classifications also to begin January 5, 2015. See your Craft Steward or Board Member for details on this.

*Both temporary voluntary lack of work offerings (R23 AAEM’s and the various Craft Classifications) will need to be approved at the January 28, 2015 Membership Meeting. However, per past practice the Union is allowing them to start January 5, 2015 anticipating subsequent approval. If not, Members would be called back from  the temporary lack of works.




Lynn Assembly and Test Reductions.

The Local 201 Union Grievance Board met with top River Works Company officials Friday afternoon December 6 on the state of the business and in specific the pending 45 Lynn Assembly & Test Reductions the Company has been forecasting since last September.
The Union has been appealing to the Company to leave the CF34-8C work in Lynn to compliment the T700 work they plan on bringing back to Lynn in the first quarter of 2015. The Union argued keeping such work would cut the pending 45 reductions in half. The Company has NOT agreed to keep the CF34-8C work here.
However, the Company has agreed to cut the forecasted 45 permanent lack of works approximately in half by offering temporary voluntary lack of works for the balance of reductions.
Assembly & Test management is meeting with our Assembly & Test members and Board member/Stewards today December 8 to announce the outline of a plan to issue approximately 20- 25 permanent lack of work notices in the R23 AAEM and R20 Grind classifications in Buildings 29 and 42 to take effect in mid January 2015. The exact number is still being discussed with the Union. These lack of works are linked to the heavy volume drop in the T700 and F414 schedules in 2015. The Company has stated they have enough openings in Plant IV and Bldg 63 to avoid any member from being force layoff “to the street”. With the announcement, there will be age 60 and over retirement $18,000 Bonus opportunities in these impacted classifications plant wide and in any classification that happens to be hit by a displacement (a “bump”). It is anticipated that 2 or 3 members may choose such retirement reducing the number of lack of works by the same number
The Company has also agreed to Local 201’s proposal to offer temporary voluntary layoffs to the R23 AAEM Classification for the balance of the reductions. The details of this voluntary layoff plan will be discussed with the Union over the next 2 weeks – as to the exact number, when they would start, how long they will be etc. It is our hope that enough volunteers take the temporary voluntary lack of work to avoid any more permanent lack of works at this time. The idea is to try to bridge about a 6-9 month period until after the 2015 Contract when it is anticipated many R23 AAEM’s and other members will retire and that will hopefully alleviate the need for any more permanent lack of works.
Members moving on the permanent lack of works in January 2015 will be moved under our Layoff & Transfer Supplement to new jobs based on their seniority and GE job history. They will retain recall rights to the classification that are being laid off from.
Other more senior members choosing temporary voluntary lack of works will be eligible for Income Extension Aid (75% of weekly pay when combined with unemployment), and premium free medical & dental. We will keep you updated, as there could be some changes to the above plan.