• GE Lynn Fairchild Gate April,22,2015
  • United for better Pension,Medical and wages.
  • A portion of local 201 members at one of 3 well attended send off rallies.
  • BA Casilli addressed the crowd at in-plant send off Rally. 
  • Rallies at GE locations across the country coincide we GE shareholders...
  • Strong support from organizations like Mass Senior Action. 
 GE National Negotiations are underway in NYC, On May 29th Rallies were held with all GE Union Locals as a sign of solidarity and send off of the National Negotiator"s.    



NOTE: Reports #1 though #9 by Local 201 are on the bargaining issues and you can click the Contract update tab above to review the key bargaining issues.See the National IUE-CWA Opening Day release below also about the opening of bargaining in NYC today. Too view the full Opening day speeches by President Jim Clark and Chairman Bob Santamoor - go to GE Workers United Web-site..

Negotiations opened today at approximately 1:00 PM in New York City.

The IUE-CWA and CBC union bargaining committees walked to the Negotiating hotel at 12:15 pm in the rain together in a show of solidarity.

IUE-CWA President Jim Clark, IUE-CWA Conference Board Chairman Bob Santamoor, and CWA District 1 President (soon to be CWA national President) Chris Shelton opened up remarks for the Union framing our members needs. GE Chief Negotiator John Gritti gave the Company's opening statement,

In brief summary, President Clark declared "do not underestimate our resolve". He stressed the sacrifices the union's have made over a number of years and the profits the Company has enjoyed.He said we seek investment in our facilities, a fair share in the company's large profits, and a commitment to keep promises made in relation to benefits for current and future retirees.

Chairman Santamoor expressed being disturbed about the Company's whole approach to negotiating and benefits - "It is like deja- vous all over again but even worse". He said the Company has to think about "integrity", compassion and empathy that has been lost over they years. He hit on what he called a "money grab" in relation to cuts they have been making on retiree benefits- medical and life insurance. He also said the attitude and approach in negotiating has to change and he said our union sub-committees need to be involved in meaningful and constructive bargaining. The Chairman concluded that we already paid for (by giving up more in wage increases) and bargained many of the gains that the Company seeks to take away.

CWA Shelton told GE that the 700,000 CWA members will be watching this bargaining as many are going into major Contract negotiations next and they will support our members in the industrial sector of our union. He , along with President Clark, expressed dismay about them trying to conclude a deal with Electrolux to sell the appliance division with no guarantees for union members that made sacrifices to make that business successful. Shelton said it is time for GE to bring jobs back to the US and help re- industrialize America, stop medical cost shifting on to their employees and honor the retirement benefits you promised your employees.

The Company Chief Negotiator, John Gritti defended the 2011 Contract package in terms of wage gains and the bonus (ACP), new hire gains with their defined contribution plan and "improved" paid time off accrual plan, pension increases and SERO/VRIP "Windows". He defended the new Medial plan of 2011 and  its consumer driven health care features saying it's catastrophic coverage design saved many families from out of control expenses and it lowers costs when "consumers" think about submitting a claim (he used auto insurance claims as a similar situation). Gritti also said "wages were out of whack" and lump sums had to be considered, SERO and SERO Windows do not work any longer, and defended the changes to salaried non-union members in regards to post-65 and life insurance. He closed with saying he looked forward to trying to reach a settlement for a "fair contract' that would continue to keep the company competitive by partnering to come up with creative solutions.

Tomorrow, the first full day of bargaining begins. The Company is scheduled in the AM session to make a presentation on our Health Care Plan for Production Employees (covers active members and pre-65 retirees). In the afternoon session, the Union is scheduled to make a presentation on Contract language issues.


IUE-CWA press release


For release June 1, 2015


Contact: Laura Hagan, IUE-CWA, (937) 424-4568lhagan@cwa-union.org


Contracts Talks Open June 1 for 10,000 at GE


New York -- Contract negotiations at General Electric Co., get underway on June 1 in New York City. The negotiations cover 10,000 IUE-CWA workers and another 6,000 workers from other U.S. unions.


Critical issues for workers are healthcare and retirement security, jobs and wages. IUE-CWA members want a fair contract, one that reflects the company's continuing financial success and workers’ contributions to the company’s bottom line. In 2014, CEO Jeffrey Immelt received $37 million in compensation, about 1,057 times the pay of an average worker of $36,134. 


IUE-CWA members from every GE local have been holding solidarity rallies, culminating with a multi-local rally in Louisville on Saturday, May 30. IUE-CWAers will continue to mobilize for the fair contract they deserve. 


IUE-CWA President Jim Clark, CWA District 1 Vice President Chris Shelton and Bob Santamoor, IUE-CWA GE Conference Board chairman, will kick off the negotiations. The contract expires June 21. 


Clark said, “These will be difficult negotiations, but GE is financially healthy enough to meet our very reasonable demands.  We have the full support of our membership behind us, and we are ready to work hard and get a good contract.”

IUE-CWA represented workers work at multiple GE locations nationwide. 




Contract kickoff rally

WHEN: FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015
               3:00 AM (Third Shift):
               11:42 AM (First Shift)
               7:00 PM (Second Shift)
WHERE: In Building 63 Parking Lot near the flagpole behind Building 40
These Rallies are being held at IUE-CWA GE plants across the country on May 29, 2015 as a show of SOLIDARITY between Union Locals and a send off to our union bargaining representatives who will be traveling to New York City this weekend for the opening of 2015 GE Contract Negotiations. Contract Bargaining begins Monday, June 1 at 1:00PM.
All IUE-CWA Local Officers and Board members will be in attendance at these May 29 Rallies. Please attend and wear a Union shirt – either the red GE Workers United shirt or blue Local 201 shirt.
Hear short reports from Local 201 union representatives and give BA Ric Casilli a supportive send off to New York City.

The American Dream. Part 2

LOCAL 201 PRESS RELEASE (Friday, May 15, 2015)
PART # 2
(Note: Part # 1 can be found by goggling YOU TUBE VIDEOS and then type in The American Dream – IUE-CWA Local 201 in the search section at top of YOU TUBE VIDEO page or by hitting the video tab on you will see scrolling down the IUE-CWA Local 201 Face Book page.)
The American Dream local cable show will air Part 2 of an interview with IUE-CWA Local 201 President Pete Capano and Business Agent Ric Casilli on Channel 3 (Comcast) and Channel 38 (Verizon) on Mondays @ 8:30 PM and Wednesdays @ 9:30 PM beginning Monday May 18 and Wednesday May 20. THERE ALSO IS A LINK ON LOCAL 201 FACE BOOK TO CLICK ON TO WATCH PART 2.
In Part #1, Capano talked about IUE-CWA’s work in the communities of Lynn and surrounding North shore towns and some of the achievements they have been involved in, such as the E-Team Machinist Training Program. Casilli, also a member of the Union’s National GE negotiating committee spoke about some of the key issues in the upcoming June National GE Contract negotiations impacting tens of thousands of current and former GE employees in the Northeast region – the deterioration and expense of the current GE Medical Plan, the threat of the loss of Retiree Medical plans and inadequate Pension Benefits.
Part #2 is a continuation of exploring theses some of these same subjects and some new ones.