IUE-CWA Local 201  “Under the provision of the 2011-2015 IUE-CWA GE Wage agreement, a COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment) will be delivered on June 23, 2014, for all eligible GE members. The General Increase will be 3.0%. The COLA increase will be 22 cents per hour. This will be the sixth of eight COLA’s delivered during this contract cycle.”  


Piecework Negotiations Update Wednesday July 30, 2014

Local 201 has just released today a detailed information leaflet on the state of the piecework negotiations to all our GE members in the shop. It is being distributed by Board members and/or Stewards during the afternoon of Wednesday July 30th. It is a 2 sided green leaflet. For a variety of reasons, it will not be posted on our web site. There is a Union/Company sub-committee meeting this afternoon in Plant IV to discuss what the transition of the current piecework rates/classifications would be if converted to daywork rates/classifications. The sub-committee will report out to the main negotiations bargaining table on their discussions at the next negotiations session scheduled for Thursday afternoon at 1:30PM. This session will be mainly centered on any rate/classification issues and the important job security sections of any potential agreement.

Local 201 piecework Report Friday July 25, 2014

Local 201 Piecework Negotiations Report 
Friday, July 25, 2014 1:00PM
After about 5 days of Company review, GE rejected Local 201’s Union Proposal #9 at a bargaining 
session on Thursday, July 24. The Union Proposal #9 restructured compensation for pieceworkers in more 
equal fashion, had additional retirement incentives for pieceworkers and contained provisions that 
broadened the pool of people that would be eligible for attractive retirement options. Union proposal #9 
would have been the best for our members and the business as it would have maximized decent 
retirement options thus reducing the need for any hard lacks of works “to the street” for dayworkers, while 
also providing a rational equal and fairer compensation payments for all pieceworkers. 
The Company rejected the proposal based on a number of reasons but the bottom line is they felt the 
proposal came with too high of an expense tag. The Union is extremely disappointed in this decision as the 
Union had spent a good deal of time finding a fair way to restructure previous union proposals and adding 
the proper “ingredients” to the package that would accomplish the 2 main goals of the parties in the 
negotiations – to achieve fair compensation for pieceworkers and maximize retirements to avoid layoffs 
plantwide with the current workload volume crisis we are heading into. Local 201 feels Union Proposal #9 
would have accomplished this for the good of all our members and the good of the business and it was a 
mistake for the Company to reject it totally. 
The Company told the Union bargaining team that the summary points they presented of Company 
Proposal #10 was their best and final offer in regards to compensation and retirement incentive parts 
of any potential agreement. The Union requested the complete language of the Company’s compensation 
part of the package and any language they would agree to in regards to the job security sections of any 
potential agreement. The Company will be providing such hopefully today or on Monday, July 28, 2014. 
The Union would note that despite our disappointment to the rejection of our Proposal #9, Company 
proposal #10 is a dramatic improvement from early Company proposals. Over the course of the last 6 months, 
the Company has slowly increased the amount of compensation for our members in their proposals in 
response to union arguments and proposals and it contains some union proposed features like the “red 
circle”, “piecework buyout” and pension update “look back” within Company Proposal #10. 
The Union bargaining committee has scheduled an internal meeting on Monday, July 28, 2014 to review the 
complete Company “best and final “ offer on the compensation section of any potential agreement and is 
also awaiting to review company responses to recent union proposals in the job security section. The Union 
bargaining committee will NOT make any final decisions on how to proceed until it has a complete 
Company “best and final” package to review. 
We will release the compensation and retirement incentive details of Company Proposal #10 to our members 
when we receive them officially in writing from the Company inserted into the main proposed offer 
document and our bargaining committee has a chance to review them. Such information release to our 
members will likely be next Tuesday, July 29 2014. 
We shall keep you posted as to any developments. 

Piecework update Wednesday July 23,2014

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The Company will be ready to meet with Local 201 on Thursday July 24, 2014  at 1:30PM .They have been involved (since last week) in extensive reviews of their last Company Proposal #10 and also Union Proposal #9,  which restructured the whole compensation package using a different model. Those reviews have involved Company leaders at all levels of Aviation and Corporate and will be completed either today or tomorrow morning.
All Union Bargaining Committee members should report to Bldg 1-74A by 1:30PM tomorrow Thursday, July 24, 2014.

Piecework Negotiations Update 7/12/14

Next Session Tuesday July 15



The negotiations over ending the Plant IV piecework system continue to get more complicated due to the Company informing Local 201 (almost every week) of additional work volume drops being forecasted for this year and 2015. Attempting to negotiate a transition from a piecework to daywork system is difficult enough. But trying to avoid forced layoffs and bargaining the year before a National Contract has made these negotiations extremely complicated.  The Union is dealing with the internal demographics of our directly impacted workforce. We have members in different age brackets and members that have been in piecework for different amounts of time resulting in members who have different needs and desires depending on their age and their time in piecework.


The Company has presented 10 proposals, each one getting a bit closer to the Union’s proposals. Local 201 has presented 9 proposals and the Union has also made significant compromises as the proposals have inched closer.


It has not been easy, but Union proposals have been aimed at accomplishing two main things: (1) Securing proper wage and pension compensation for our current pieceworkers and (2) Creating some decent retirement incentive options in an attempt to avoid having any members plant-wide from being forced out on the street on layoff.


The Company and Union met on July 3, 7, and 10.  The Union is concerned over 2 main issues in the latest Company Proposal #10 presented on July 10: (A) that the Company’s compensation offer to members who do not wish to retire (or are not eligible to retire) is too low and (B) their offer for those wishing to retire is missing some incentive items that would get more to retire and sets unnecessary retirement date time limits, thus narrowing the pool of people that would be eligible to go under a more desirable program.


BA Ric Casilli said “their proposal in its present form still would not achieve the results we were hoping for – fair and equitable compensation for all pieceworkers while inducing a large number of retirements to help avoid a future forced layoff situation for any of our River Works Local 201 Members. Our Committee will keep plugging away”


The Union has been reviewing Company Proposal #10 since last Thursday and will be officially responding to it at the next bargaining session on Tuesday, July 15.